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Service Desk IT is teamwork

The IT Support in Service Desk Team is not just about technical expertise. It's a delicate balance of deep technological knowledge and the profound ability to see technology through the user's eyes, connecting with their experiences and emotions.

TUZ Ubezpieczenia | 2010 - 2013

It was my first serious job. To this day, it remains the richest experience in customer service I've had. I started as an insurance agent assistant. I went door-to-door selling insurance policies. In my opinion, there's no better sales training than this form of customer contact. The most important thing I learned then was persistence. I understood that you sell with your whole self, regardless of the circumstances. Thanks to my commitment and tenure, I trained future assistants. I later got promoted to an insurance agent. At one point in my career, I had the largest team of assistants and the largest sub-Warsaw area among all agents in the sales department.

Sales skills

TUnŻ & TUiR Warta S.A | 2013-2014

My career in Warta S.A. companies was a part-time job. I conducted business as an insurance agent to continue serving the existing clients I acquired during my time at TUZ Insurance. By expanding the range of insurance products, I was able to provide comprehensive service to loyal customers. Eventually, I decided to focus more on my technical field of expertise, which led me to close my business at the end of

Sales skills

OKNOMAR | 2013-2014

I began my career as an assembly assistant. Within a few months, I was promoted to an assembler position. Due to a demand for sales representatives, I soon transitioned into the sales department. The greatest challenge was merging technical knowledge with sales. Selecting the right tools, precise measurements, and flexibility were crucial skills that later aided me in accomplishing many tasks in my future career.

Sales & Technical skills | 2014-2015

As a shift leader, I was responsible for receiving and checking merchandise, ensuring proper product display according to the current guidelines provided by management, maintaining overall cleanliness and a positive atmosphere in the store, achieving sales targets, handling customer complaints, and managing holiday and custom orders specific to that particular location. I also participated in workshops, events, and tastings organized by the Darwin network owner and suppliers.

Sales & Management skills

KONE Sp. z.o.o | 2019 (3 months)

Through my internship at KONE, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with international work standards, the product lifecycle, and the fascinating field of automation. As an assistant, I received training in basic assembly, site preparation, electrical work, and automation. The internship enhanced my manual skills and overall technical knowledge.

Technical skills

RAJA (Rajapack Sp. z o.o) | 2020-2021

As the Retail Shipping Section Leader, I was responsible for coordinating the packing team, couriers, reporting to my direct supervisor, and training new employees. Through implementing an efficient registration system, we achieved the assigned KPIs for this section. The biggest challenge was coordinating multiple factors such as a high employee turnover rate and increased order volume due to the rapid growth of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Management & Spatial skills

MAAN Sp. z.o.o | 2021-2022

The main objective of my contract was to plan and relocate production materials that were improperly positioned after the warehouse relocation. The biggest challenge was balancing the responsibilities of an independent warehouse receiving specialist with achieving the goals related to resource organization. The objective was successfully accomplished with a 100% completion rate.

Planning & Spatial skills

PGS Sp. z o.o | 2021-2022

In PGS Group, I held only one position: High-bay forklift operator. Essential skills I could employ for this role included manual abilities, spatial skills, and IT capabilities. Familiarity with warehouse management systems helped me avoid mistakes. With over 4,500 indexes and employees picking around me, I had to constantly maintain 100% focus and strictly adhere to safety procedures and rules.

Manual & Spatial skills

DHL EXPRESS (POLAND) Sp. z.o.o | 2015-2024

I began my career at DHL Express as a driver, responsible for time-critical transport. The most challenging aspect was dealing with flight delays, which had to be partially mitigated through skillful route planning. Later, as an operations agent, I participated in vehicle and air container loading and unloading at the main unit and the service center in Lublin city. After developing an application for registering and monitoring vehicle weights, I was promoted to the IT department.

IT & Stress management skills 


To sum up




I have gained experience working in the insurance and industrial sectors. This experience has given me a profound understanding of the essence of customer service quality and its importance to the client.

Customer service

Supporting users and external clients with their complex issues enables me to better understand their needs and tailor future solutions that I can influence.


Working in international teams has taught me flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations, providing me with access to various perspectives. This enables me to better understand global trends and market dynamics, especially in the times of AI development.




I was responsible for executing the implementation plan, preparing the IT environment, configuring the system, managing the main account, and providing support during the project's deployment. My duties included presenting functionality, handling problem management, assisting with communication between teams responsible for project components, and supporting end users after implementation. The project was challenging due to a tight deadline.



In the project, my role was to prepare devices, software provided by an external company, files, documentation, and operating instructions for individuals implementing the project nationwide. In connection with the project, I was also responsible for support during the execution of operational activities.



Service Desk doesn't exist without KB's. I have documented over 100 different problems of varying complexity. Thanks to this knowledge, the company has become more self-reliant as the acquired knowledge is preserved in easily accessible KB's.



Filling out time cards is a repetitive process. Thanks to VBA, I've automated the filling out and sending of the file. I created a simple form for the user to fill out, as well as a separate tab where the manager can edit holiday dates and specific data needed for calculating work standards and other information required by the accounting department



During the loading process, employees used temporary files and saved data in an unorganized manner. On my own initiative, I decided to automate this procedure and created a specialized file with VBA code, a form, and a dashboard. Thanks to this, every employee and team leaders could monitor the loading weight in real-time, plan vehicle changes efficiently, and schedule subsequent loadings.



I handled a crucial technical aspect of an important visit by a member of the global and European board, which held significant importance for the Polish business. In my capacity, I conducted technical reviews of all wallboards in the building, assessed the technical aspects of workstations, ensured the technical readiness of the main conference room, implemented physical security measures against cyberattacks, organized work procedures, supervised and coordinated support personnel, as well as preparations and reviews with external suppliers. As a result, the visit proceeded smoothly without any technical difficulties



The final stage is always the most challenging. The organization lasted nearly 24 hours. My task was to relocate all the computer equipment to the renovated room. The relocation included hardware configuration, cable management at workstations, and conducting configuration testing. The entire operation also involved setting up a new printer due to a design error. The project also featured a new LAN configuration. Together with the service provider, we initiated and tested 10 ports. Time pressure was imposed by the deadline for resuming the customer service point's operation, which was scheduled for Monday, and the launch activities took place on Friday.



The project involved replacing projectors in meeting rooms. A few days after the purchase, the projector supplier announced the End Of Life for the device. This created a maintenance issue due to the outdated interface, which prevented integration with the Crestron system. It turned out that the company that had set up and configured the infrastructure was also unable to assist and suggested paid reverse engineering. Upon contacting the supplier, who was aware of the issue, it was found that in addition to the End Of Life, they also did not have a ready solution to the problem related to the outdated interface. The supplier proposed writing one's own driver. My role in the project was precisely the configuration of the projectors, adapting them for operation, and integrating them with the existing platform. My success lay in finding a solution that allowed me to connect the device software with Crestron, despite the lack of support from the supplier, the manufacturer, and the second line of support. I consider this a concrete success because, thanks to my ingenuity and configuration, the company saved money and can continue to use the conference room as before.



I eagerly participate in projects or proactively suggest procedures that I can automate, thereby simplifying work for end users. In the future, I would like to be involved in more complex and larger endeavors.


I see working on projects as an opportunity. Solving problems hones both my hard and soft skills. Meeting people with different specializations shapes my worldview and broadens my general knowledge. By looking at an issue from the perspective of others, I can better understand its complexity and dynamics, and develop a better solution.


My Manager about me

Jerzy Jędrusiak business portrait

An enthusiast in the field of Information Technology, possessing extensive substantive knowledge, evidenced by the high level of services provided. An exceptionally client-focused approach demonstrates a significant awareness and understanding of what IT support should encompass within an international organization.

Highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike, due to the combination of technical knowledge with soft skills – these are the attributes most sought-after by the beneficiaries of support. In line with current market trends.

That's it

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you found something that inspired you to get in touch with me. Don't forget to bookmark my website, , in your browser. Keep my contact information and email address for current and future recruitment purposes.

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